Sting's First AEW T-Shirt Has Already Broken Sales Records

Moments after WWE Hall of Famer Sting made his surprise debut on AEW Dynamite, the company released a new set of merchandise centered around "The Icon." Less than a full day later and the Sting-themed t-shirt has already broken records. Pro Wrestling Tees' Ryan Barkan popped up on Instagram on Thursday afternoon to confirm Sting's shirt has sold the most of any shirt in a single 24-hour period, and it broke the record with plenty of time to spare.

Barkan told Chris Van Vliet last week that AEW dominated shirt sales for the online store in 2020, with Orange Cassidy and Chris Jericho selling four of the top five best-selling shirts.

So the number one seller of the year is Orange Cassidy," Barkan said. "It's the orange shirt that just has his thumb on it and it says 'Freshley Squeezed'. That's the number one seller for the year. He's also got the number two seller which is just his photo.

"The number three seller is an Owen Hart shirt," he added. "We signed a deal with Dark Side of the Ring and Owen's wife Martha and came out with a shirt. It's his first shirt in twenty-something years, so that's number three. Then there's two Chris Jericho Inner Circle shirts. There's the Stadium Stampede Losers shirt, where it says 'Champions' but they're really the losers. And then there's a Guns N' Roses parody shirt. So Chris Jericho is the top selling wrestler of the year, by far, like no one is going to ever beat him but Orange Cassidy holds the top-selling shirt of the year."

"The surprise introduction of Sting was a great way to celebrate our biggest episode of Dynamite yet," Tony Khan said in the press release confirming Sting had signed a multi-year deal with the company. "When AEW launched, I was ecstatic to bring wrestling back to TNT after a very long absence. Sting defeated the legendary Ric Flair in the final wrestling match to be shown on TNT for more than 18 years until the debut of Dynamite in 2019. Now, almost two decades later, it's such a thrill to welcome Sting to AEW and bring him back home to TNT!"