AEW's MJF Gets Engaged and Celebrates By Trolling Fans

Maxwell Jacob Friedman has had fans buzzing about his future in AEW ever since his epic promo on Dynamite, and then he got fans talking again when he returned to the ring and teased a future match with CM Punk. That match is going to have to wait of course, but MJF has other things to look forward to, as it was recently revealed he got engaged to his long-time girlfriend Naomi (via Sportskeeda). MJF shared pictures of his engagement and celebrated in trademark MJF fashion, as he used the opportunity to troll everyone by saying that there's still a chance for ladies to score with him.

MJF shared the initial post and then wrote "Ladies panicking on my TL don't worry. Just cuz there's a goalie doesn't mean you can't score. Strive for greatness. #Saltoftheearth." It's perfectly in keeping with the character he plays, though he does look quite happy in the photo. We wish all the best to the happy couple.

MJF typically stays in character during interviews and public appearances, with some interactions becoming newsworthy because of it. During a previous interview with Brandon Walker's Rasslin, he was once again in character and had no problem taking shots at the show and AEW while he teased a possible move to WWE when his contract expires (via Cageside Seats).

"I think there's a lot of stuff going on in this company that's inaccurate. I think all these f****** ex-WWE guys that are making an absurd amount of money when, quite frankly, they can't sniff my f****** jock when it comes to the ratings I pull in whenever I'm on screen – I think they can all go to hell. I think that somebody in the upper management has a problem with me, and it's very obvious if you see what I'm dealing with week to week."

He then talked about Roman Reigns and a possible match with him if he goes to WWE, and also mentioned Miz and Seth Rollins.

"There's no bigger Roman Reigns fan than me. Also love what Seth Rollins is doing right now.... I'd imagine [I'm going to want to wrestle Reigns]. I think me and him would have a tremendous match. It'd be a friendly competition. I also – I would love to wrestle Seth Rollins. I would love to wrestle The Miz. There's a lot of guys over there," MJF said.

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