Becky Lynch Reacts to WWE Selling The Mom Shirt

Becky Lynch gave the WWE Universe one heck of a surprise when she announced that she was pregnant on Monday Night Raw, and while fans are said to see her step away from the ring for a while, they couldn't be happier for her. Thanks to WWE's merchandising department they now have a perfect way to showcase that support in the form of a new shirt that turns Becky's trademark The Man nickname into The Mom, and you've gotta admit, it's a pretty genius shirt. There was also almost no turnaround from the announcement to the shirt release, but Becky isn't complaining, and has the perfect response, sharing the shirt on Twitter with the caption "Can't even be mad at it cause I need formula money."

I mean, it's a great shirt, and if you plan on getting one you now have Lynch's endorsement. Plus, you'll be helping her and Seth with formula, so it's a win-win.

Also, we have to give kudos to @StephanieHypes for this gem of a comment, and yes, that shirt needs to happen too, as she said "When are we getting those Baby Messiah shirts? 😂". Get on it WWE!

Lynch revealed that she was pregnant on Monday Night Raw, kicking off the show with an emotional promo where she talked about her love of the business and this crazy journey she's been on. She had the Money in the Bank briefcase with her in the ring, which prompted an angry Asuka to come out and ask why. Asuka had won the Money in the Bank match the night prior, but as Lynch revealed, she actually won far more. She opened up the case and revealed she actually won the Raw Women's Championship as well, and Asuka's celebration was hilarious.

(Photo: WWE)

She also revealed why she was leaving WWE for a while, telling Asuka "you go be a warrior, and I'm going to go be a mom". The two shared a sweet hug, and now to new journeys begin.

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