Booker T Reacts to Jordan Myles Calling WWE Racist

NXT's Jordan Myles, now going by his independent wrestling name ACH again, made headlines on Wednesday when he released an angry Twitter video announcing that he had quit the WWE. In the video Myles went so far as to call WWE management racist, and said that his NXT wrestler name was a "slave name." The issues between Myles and WWE first made waves several weeks back when he called out Vince McMahon, Triple H and others for his first official t-shirt design, which he found to be racially insensitive. WWE hasn't announced yet whether or not Myles is officially released from his WWE contract, though he hasn't wrestled for the company since mid-September.

WWE Hall of Famer Booker T, who had criticized Myles for how he handled the t-shirt situation on social media, reacted to Myles's new video on the latest episode of the Hall of Fame Podcast. Booker held back from saying what Myles should or shouldn't have done, but did say Myles was "doing himself an injustice" by saying WWE ist racist.

"I don't know where it's going to go from here," Booker said. "I have been on this earth for 54 years and if you think one person is something, call them that, or if you think that person is something, call them that, but I cannot judge a group and say everybody is that. When you make a blanket statement like that you do no justice for yourself or the culture. And I say this because I have had a lot of years and a lot of experience. I do know that I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for a white guy named Bruce Gasarch, who made this all happen for me as far as changing my life. That's another story.

"I could have easily could have judged everyone the same way after my situation of going to prison, being a kid who had never been in trouble before and for the first time being locked up in the back of a police car saying that, 'the system did me wrong. I hate everybody of that color', you know what I mean? If I did that, I would have done myself an injustice more than anything and I think that is the situation that I want to make clear here. The way he's going by this, he's doing himself an injustice. That's my take on that."