Impact Wrestling Just Killed Off Major Star Ahead of Reported WWE Return

Tonight's episode of Impact Wrestling featured an unexpected death of a major star for Impact, and it is reportedly ahead of an eventual return to WWE. Tonight's episode featured a video set in a prison, which was revealed to feature Violent By Design's Eric Young and Deaner. The two would have a conversation about the sickness and why they both believed and subscribed to the group's larger mission. Then Young asked Deaner if he would kill the sickness even if it was in this room. That led to a battle for a knife and it was Deaner who would ultimately stab Young and ascend as the group's leader. After the episode, PWInsider reported that Young is headed back to WWE according to multiple sources, which would make another former WWE star heading back to the company under Triple H's reign.

This would make sense, as the video makes it a point to build up Deaner as a new leader of the group, both in terms of how seriously he takes it (which is seen in several aspects of the video) and how effectively he returns Young's attack to take his role. Young says he is now the design.

Young and Deaner struggle over the blade, which lies at the center of the table when both went after it. Young has the upper hand for a bit but eventually, Deaner turns the tables and draws blood from Young, and then he hits him with several punches followed by a stab of the knife. They don't show Young at this point, but what happened seems clear.

It will be interesting to see how Young is used in WWE. He did have a small singles run during his time in the company, but many will be more familiar with his time as part of Sanity, a group that was introduced in NXT and featured Young, Nikki Cross, Killian Dain, and Alexander Wolfe. Wolfe and Dain were also released by the company, and Cross is the only one who remained as part of the roster.

Cross has recently returned to her more unhinged character, and if Young is coming back, there are now two pieces of the puzzle in place. There haven't been any rumors of either returning to WWE, but that could easily come to fruition quickly, which has also happened with returning stars like Hit Row, Emma, and more. If Sanity did return, they would have plenty of other factions to contend with, including Hit Row, Legado del Fantasma, Viking Raiders, Brawling Brutes, and more.


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