Jacob Fatu Joins The Bloodline in Shocking WWE Debut on SmackDown

Solo Sikoa reveals Jacob Fatu is the newest member of The Bloodline and attacks Cody Rhodes

After confronting The Bloodline and Solo Sikoa earlier in the night, Cody Rhodes set about going one-on-one against Sikoa in the SmackDown main event. As one might expect, that didn't go as planned, as Tama Tonga and Tonga Loa interfered. That brought out Kevin Owens and Randy Orton for the save, but then Sikoa tipped the scales again with the much-anticipated debut of Jacob Fatu, who went on a rampage and speared Orton through a barricade before slamming Rhodes through a table. Fatu is now officially part of WWE and The Bloodline, adding one more piece in Roman Reigns' absence.

Solo's New Bloodline

Fans have been waiting for Fatu to make his WWE debut ever since it was reported that he had signed with WWE months ago. It had also been reported that Tama Tonga was signed, and he would debut as part of the group after WrestleMania 40. Then a bit later Tonga Loa unexpectedly joined the group, moving all the attention to Fatu's debut, but fans would have to wait a bit for that to happen.

During that time Sikoa and his new group worked out the kinks, but it was clear they needed another person to complete this new vision for the roster. Sikoa has been establishing himself as the new Tribal Chief in Roman's absence, but tonight that seemed to shift to full-time Tribal Chief status for Solo, especially now that he's brought Fatu into the mix.

What's Going On With Roman?


Jacob Fatu joins The Bloodline on WWE SmackDown

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Paul Heyman has had a difficult time getting control of the new group, especially as Solo adds new members, but tonight seems to be the tipping point. That's because before Solo's match against Cody, Heyman was talking to Solo about how CM Punk was off-limits and Cody was only to be kept in check, per Roman's previous orders.

Sikoa then knocked Heyman out of his socks when he gave him some difficult news, saying "Roman, he's not coming back. I'm sorry." Solo went out to face Cody while Heyman was clearly reeling from the revelation. Heyman was under the impression that Reigns was coming back at some point, but now it either seems that Reigns has changed his mind or that Sikoa is lying to Heyman and is just looking to take over the group. All signs point to the latter, which would set up an anticipated war between Roman's Bloodline and Solo's Bloodline.

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