Lucha Underground Is Streaming Again, It's Just Harder to Find

Lucha Underground is one of the most enjoyable wrestling programs of the last decade, but it has been hard for fans to find as of late. The series, originally on the El Rey Network, was available to stream on-demand on the free streaming service Tubi. By putting up with just a couple of ads, wrestling fans were able to watch all four seasons of Lucha Underground on Tubi. A couple of months ago, however, Lucha Underground was removed from Tubi's lineup. 

Since exiting Tubi, Lucha Underground has been tough to track down, at least on a free or subscription service. Every episode of the series is available to be purchased on Apple, Amazon, and other on-demand services, but that's been the only way to check it out. That changed recently thanks to Roku.

Lucha Underground is available via Roku, but there's a serious catch to that. The series isn't on the regular Roku Channel app, nor is it available on-demand. Lucha Underground is available on the Live TV on the Roku Channel app, which can only be accessed through Roku devices.

The Live TV on the Roku Channel app is similar to PlutoTV, where it runs a horde of different ad-supported channels. One of those channels is El Rey Network, which used to found on traditional cable. There is a whole El Rey channel on the Roku TV app and Lucha Underground is a huge part of the channel's program. 

Several hours of El Rey's programming every day consists of Lucha Underground episodes, so it's easy to catch some wrestling on the channel. You unfortunately can't choose which episodes to watch and when, but you are still able to check out the series. And it is absolutely a wrestling promotion worth watching when it's on.

If you're not familiar, Lucha Underground featured some of the most talented wrestlers in the world during the four years it was on the air. Ricochet, Rey Fenix, Penta Oscuro, John Morrison, Swerve Strickland, MVP, Thunder Rosa, Taya Valkyrie, Sammy Guevara, Santos Escobar, and Rey Mysterio all appeared on the show.