Former WWE Star Matt Sydal Officially Signs with AEW

Former WWE star Matt Sydal (fka as WWE's Evan Bourne) has officially signed with All Elite Wrestling! Sydal (real name Matthew Korklan) officially made his debut with All Elite Wrestling during the All Out pay-per-view earlier this Fall. But like many of the names on the All Elite Wrestling roster, it's never quite set in stone until an official contract is signed. The official Twitter account for All Elite Wrestling announced the news and confirmed that Sydal had officially signed with the company. Now fans can expect to see the former WWE star pop up on more shows.

Sydal has made quite the impression on All Elite Wrestling fans through the last few weeks as he has had a number of wins and losses since he made his debut during the 21 Man Casino Battle Royale at the All Out pay-per-view earlier this Spring. Though it admittedly was a rough road following his initially botched first impression.

His first impression to All Elite Wrestling fans (who may not have known about his former work as Evan Bourne in the WWE, or his work in Impact Wrestling and Ring of Honor) was a tough one as his first major move with the company was an attempt of his signature move, the Shooting Star Press. He unfortunately slipped off the rope after climbing, and while he was thankfully not hurt, it most likely hurt his pride.

He did respond to this first impression in stride "Thank you @AEWrestling for last night," Sydal stated in a series of tweets. "We made a memorable debut, now it's time to really open some 3rd eyes! I think that was a sign. I'll be using all new material next time. Stay tuned in to see what I'm saying. Slipping was BONKERS! That was a first and hopefully a last. Thank you all for kind the messages and check in's. I'm beyond honored to be a part of @AEWrestling's All Out."

All Elite Wrestling handled it well too as they even turned this into a storyline, and following a few appearances in the weeks after, now Sydal is an official part of the company. Now fans can just wait and see what kind of matches and storyline are ahead for the former WWE star. What do you think of Matt Sydal officially signing with All Elite Wrestling? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!