NXT: All Matches Confirmed for Next Week (June 22nd)

Last night's NXT was loaded right from the start, as fans learned that not only was William Regal [...]

Last night's NXT was loaded right from the start, as fans learned that not only was William Regal not leaving as General Manager but Samoa Joe would be joining the brand as essentially his enforcer. He made a quick impression too, not only getting in Karrion Kross' face but also choking out Adam Cole after he didn't heed his warnings. That got fans even more hyped for next week's show, which is slowly starting to come into clearer view with a few matches solidified for the card and several things that seem to be easy predictions for it, so here's what we know.

After another backstage brawl, Regal got in between Kyle O'Reilly and Cole and had clearly had enough of their squabbling. That's why he booked a match between the two for the upcoming Great American Bash, but in the meantime, he also had something to keep Cole busy (you know, once he wakes up that is).

Regal booked Cole in a match for next week, but in a twist, he said it would be against an opponent of his choosing It will be interesting to see who he chooses, as Cole pretty much has bad blood with everyone in NXT. Could it be against Kross after what happened at TakeOver: In Your House? Or someone like Bronson Reed, Johnny Gargano, or Pete Dunne?

We know he would probably want Kyle O'Reilly or Samoa Joe, but neither of those are on the table. O'Reilly is actually booked in a match against Kushida, while Joe is not a competitor with his new position, though as we saw last night, he can take out anyone if he's provoked. Perhaps Cole will try and provoke him a bit next week, and if he does, maybe we will see Joe make another example of him.

The other big reveal was that the heavily teased Diamond Mine will make their debut on next week's show. At this point, we have no idea if this is a single person or a tag team, but the two fists and two diamonds in the logo suggest a tag team. That would only spice up an already impressive tag division, which has MSK sitting at the top and Tommaso Ciampa and Timothy Thatcher looking to challenge them for their titles.

We will also see more from Franky Monet next week, though it isn't clear who she will be facing. There was also an unexpected team-up between Zoey Stark and a returning Io Shirai against The Way, so perhaps we'll see a singles match involving one of those four in the build to a match at Great American Bash.

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