NXT's Toni Storm Turns Heel and Ambushes Ember Moon

Tonight's NXT kicked off with Candice LeRae and Ember Moon going at it, and early on it seemed like Moon's match to lose, as she was dominating Candice LeRae, LeRae would recover though with some help from Indi Hartwell, who not only helped LeRae several times throughout the match but helped in one huge way towards the end of the match, taking a huge move from Moon after pushing LeRae out of the way. That enabled LeRae to knock Moon for a loop and get the win, but it was what happened after Toni Storm came out to help Moon that really turned heads.

At one point during the match, Dakota Kai and Raquel Gonzalez came out to stand at ringside, though they didn't get involved in the match. Once LeRae won though they came into the ring as if they were going to gang up on Moon, but Moon managed to skate under the ropes to the outside and avoid them.

That's when Toni Storm's music hit and she rushed to Moon's side. She talked to her a bit and then they started to head back into the ring, but then Storm grabbed Moon and pulled her back outside and started attacking her to the shock of everyone. Storm then threw Moon into the steel steps, and after laughing a bit she threw her back into the ring so she could get pummeled by Kai, Gonzalez, and LeRae.

Everyone was pretty surprised at Storm's actions, and Storm was clearly having fun, so it appears LeRae might have the final teammate for WarGames.

Here's the official description for tonight's NXT.

"Who will claim the advantage for WarGames? Pete Dunne collides with a member of The Undisputed ERA in a Ladder Match with the all-important edge on the line. Elsewhere, Ember Moon will battle Candice LeRae and former NXT Champion Kevin Owens joins the commentary team. Catch it all tonight on NXT at 8/7 C on USA Network!"

Here's the full card:

Ember Moon vs Candice LeRae


Pete Dunne vs The Undisputed ERA (WarGames Advantage Ladder Match)

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