WWE SmackDown: Paul Heyman Explains His Alliance with Roman Reigns

WWE SmackDown this week began with WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns and Paul Heyman making their way to the ring. This was the chance for both men to declare why they are now a partnership, and boy did they ever deliver. Heyman in particular, who talked for almost the entirety of the segment, was fantastic. He spoke in a quiet, slow cadence that was very effective in gettiing his key points across.

Heyman talked about people alleging that he has corruped Roman Reigns. In fact, he said it was Roman corrupting him, not the other way around. He talked about he (Heyman) was cast off into obscurity (a reference to his firing from Raw's creative team), and Roman came along and offered him a lifeline. He said everyone did the same thing to him that they did to Roman. He said what happened to the thank yous? Roman worked through life threatening situations and nobody offered appreciation. Paul said when Roman needed time off, what they did they do to his championship? He said The Fiend and Strowman aren't champions, but Roman was born to reign.

Heyman said Roman represents everything the company is supposed to stand for: family, tradition, legacy, the responsibility of being champion, and the accountability of owning one's actions as your champion.


Reigns says he did everything that he said he would at Payback. He showed up and wrecked the Fiend and Strowman and left the Universal Champion. There will be a fatal four-way match to determine who he faces at Clash of Championship, and Roman said that he doesn't care who wins because "when you have this kind of power, all you have to do is show up and win. Believe that."