Renee Young Debunks Pregnancy Rumors

The only thing subjected to more rumors than professional wrestling is a potential pregnancy. And in order to stop a wildfire before it gets going, Renee Young would like us all to know that she is not pregnant.

During an episode of Regular Girls, Young revealed that whispers of her being pregnant actually got back to her.

“Last week I was atTV at the pay-per-view, Elimination Chamber and my friend Mark Henry was there. He pulled me aside and said, ‘Hey I had to stick up for you the other day,’ I’m like, ‘Oh why?’ I just assume that somebody was like sh*t talking me saying I’m bad at commentary or blah, blah, blah. Okay so somebody said that I’m bad at my job, whatever, like get in line,'"

"He goes, ‘No, no, nobody said that. My producer asked if you were pregnant.’ I was like, ‘What?! Come on?’ I don’t understand… well listen, I do understand, but like come on.”

Young is married to WWE's Dean Ambrose, and like most married couples, most people want to know when they're having children. This baby-mania, can easily turn into rumors of pregnancy, but Young thinks the speculation is preposterous.

“Am I wearing like loose-fitting clothes? Do I have a glow? I mean how many times have I had this conversation? Just because people are trying to will this upon me — I’m not sure," she said.

Young and Ambrose will be married for two years this April, which also happens to be when Ambrose is said to be leaving WWE. In February, WWE confirmed that Ambrose would exit the company when his contract expired sometime in April. Multiple reports outside fo WWE say that Ambrose has long been dissatisfied with WWE's creative process.

According to Booker T, Ambrose may simply be burnt out from WWE's demanding lifestyle.


"I think Dean Ambrose really needs some time off," Booker said on Heated Conversations. "This job can become very, very stressful. You can become very, very depressed doing this job. It can definitely take you on a rollercoaster ride because, a lot of times, - he's lucky, Dean Ambrose is lucky that he's married to someone in the business. I know that's one of the reasons that I was willing to walk away from this company that I love so much. I was willing to walk away from it because when Sharmell and I got married, being on the road was no fun at all. And then when she came on the road with me, as King Booker, it relieved a lot of that pressure I was under."

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