Ricochet Leaving WWE: Tony Khan Breaks Silence on Star's Potential AEW Future

The AEW President will not comment on Ricochet while he remains under WWE contract.

Ricochet's WWE days are numbered. Prior to last week's episode of WWE SmackDown, Ricochet lost the WWE Speed Championship to Andrade during a taping of an upcoming edition of the Twitter-exclusive series. Just 24 hours later, reports emerged that the high-flyer had given his notice to WWE and would be exiting his employer of the past six years when his contract expires later this summer. With the WWE Speed variable already taken care of, WWE wasted no time in writing Ricochet off of WWE programming completely, as this week's WWE Monday Night Raw saw Bron Breakker obliterate Ricochet in a backstage attack that culminated with a bodyslam through a car windshield and a stretchering into an ambulance.

Based on the current wrestling landscape, it has been largely assumed that Ricochet will take his talents to AEW. Not only is AEW the only company in the world that can outbid WWE, but the Tony Khan-led promotion boasts a roster full of Ricochet's friends and foes from his pre-WWE days that he's likely keen to run it back with.

Tony Khan Breaks Silence on Ricochet

(Photo: WWE, AEW)

AEW's leading man will wait to comment on Ricochet's future.

Speaking to TV Insider, AEW President Tony Khan declined to speak on Ricochet due to the fact that he is still under WWE contract.

"If it's okay, I'd rather not get into wrestlers that still work for someone else," Khan said.

Khan no comment likely stems from his avoidance of anything that can be perceived as contract tampering. He has been outspoken before about his frustrations with the shady practice, as WWE has attempted to contact contracted AEW stars in past about their status within AEW. 

It was reported that WWE had reached out to current AEW World Champion Swerve Strickland to try and sign him for the Hit Row reunion on WWE SmackDown in Summer 2022. Sometime also in 2022, WWE contract tampered with William Regal, who was working for AEW at the time, and offered him a new role within WWE. This instance happened while Khan was bouncing between running AEW tapings and visiting his mother in the hospital.

"This weekend marks 1 year since Mayo Clinic saved my mom's life," Khan wrote on Twitter in October 2023. "During her ordeal many AEW talent came to me alleging WWE tampering, inducing them to break their contracts. I'll never forget these phone calls at her side in the hospital; it's when business became personal for me."

Stay tuned to ComicBook for updates on Ricochet's wrestling future.