Roman Reigns vs. Buddy Murphy Booked for SmackDown Live

To the surprise of many, the ongoing storyline with Roman Reigns, Buddy Murphy, Rowan and Daniel Bryan didn't make much progress during SummerSlam on Sunday night in Toronto. Murphy, who was forced to give up Rowan's name after Reigns violently interrogated him on SmackDown Live last week, had a match with Apollo Crews on the kickoff show that wound up getting thrown out when Rowan attacked him.

The "Big Redwood" screamed at Murphy to "keep my name out of your mouth" while Bryan watched from the back, while "The Big Dog" was nowhere to be found. Murphy took to Twitter on Monday to formally call out Reigns for a match on this week's SmackDown.

Murphy's tweet got a response out of Reigns.

"Not about holding anyone down, I'm all about seeing if people want to step up," Reigns wrote back. "Consider this me accepting your challenge. See you tomorrow night on #SDLive, Buddy. @WWE:

While Reigns has not directly confronted Rowan or Bryan yet, Bryan took the time to defend his tag partner in a backstage interview with WWE's YouTube channel.

"This is typical media spin," Bryan said. "And I like how you guys don't try to put any of the blame on Roman Reigns. What happened when Roman Reigns asked Buddy Murphy? What happened, what'd he say he saw? He said he saw no one. And only when he had his head forced against the wall by Roman Reigns did he say anything about Rowan. What would you do if I pinned your head to the wall and I said you couldn't leave until you gave me a name. I guarantee you, you would give me a name.


"I don't know about Buddy Murphy, I don't care about Roman Reigns. All I know is Rowan has nothing to do with this," he continued.

While the Reigns storyline didn't advance on Sunday, plenty other feuds did. Kofi Kingston beat down Randy Orton with a kendo stick after their WWE Championship match ended in a double countout, Becky Lynch forced Natalya to tap in their Submission match and Seth Rollins once again beat Brock Lesnar to win back the WWE Universal Championship.