Jey Uso Addresses Possible Roman Reigns vs. The Rock Match

Jey Uso is set to continue his feud with cousin Roman Reigns this Sunday at WWE Hell In A Cell in [...]

Jey Uso is set to continue his feud with cousin Roman Reigns this Sunday at WWE Hell In A Cell in a match for the Universal Championship. The feud thus far has proved to be a real star-making performance for Uso, who has spent most of his career tag-teaming with his brother Jimmy Uso. Working with Reigns has allowed Jey to come out of his comfort zone and established himself as an established talent in the singles division.

With Reigns working with one family member, there has been a great amount of speculation that there could be a match between he and another family member, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, down the line. For his part, The Rock has even said he'd be open to the possibility.

Jey Uso addressed those rumors during an appearance on the Gorilla Position podcast recently.

"I've seen internet stuff, but nothing in concrete. You know how wrestling is. [Roman] was supposed to be with 'The Fiend' but now he's with me. It writes itself as it goes. How awesome would it be; Roman Reigns vs. The Rock at WrestleMania? I want to see it," he said.

In regards to The Fiend, Uso is referencing the fact that Reigns had been set to embark on a feud with The Fiend following his championship victory at WWE Payback. However, that didn't materialize, and The Fiend was sent to Raw while Reigns remained on SmackDown and started up his feud with Jey. In truth, it's hard to imagine a feud between The Fiend and Reigns being as capitivating as what we have seen between the two cousins. The idea of another family feud between Reigns and The Rock is thrilling to think about.

The timing of a possible Reigns and Rock feud would certainly come down to movie shooting schedules, as well as the state of the COVID-19 pandemic. It's hard to imagine WWE bringing The Rock back for a match in front of an empty arena; that's the type of situation where you want to have a full stadium to witness it. Right now, it seems as though we are several months away from crowds like that becoming a reality.

However, we do know that The Rock is interested, so there's hope that it will happen down the line.