Watch Logan Paul Land a Perfect Frog Splash at WWE SummerSlam

Logan Paul competed in his first professional wrestling singles match tonight at WWE SummerSlam, defeating The Miz via pinfall. En route to his victory, Paul wowed fans with his impressive arsenal, hitting Miz with everything from standing moonsaults to springboard forearms.

Paul's singles debut was highlighted by a massive dive late in the match. The YouTube star placed Miz on the announce table, took to the top rope, and landed a picture-perfect moonsault. Check out the maneuver below.

While this was Paul's first time engaging in one-on-one action, he is no stranger to the WWE. Paul first appeared in the lead up to WWE WrestleMania 37, aligning himself with Sami Zayn. He would go on to have his first match at WWE WrestleMania 38, teaming with Miz to defeat Rey and Dominik Mysterio.

"Yeah dog, the s--t is hard! The s--t is so hard!" Paul recently said while training for his match. "I come from the non-WWE Universe. So, I know what people say about it, I know what people think about it before I entered. Like, I came from that place. And, now that I'm in it, my jaw has dropped. It is such a difficult discipline that your body is simply not used to unless you do it for years."

Despite being a rookie, Paul already has the respect of some of his fellow superstars.

"I haven't given him any advice, but I have talked to him," Becky Lynch said of Paul. "He's a real nice kid. I can say kid because I thought he was my age, but he's not, he's real young. This is a hard industry, a tough industry. I have respect for anybody that comes in, takes a bump, tries to be good at it. He's shown that he's extremely athletic. He's great at talking and connecting with the audience.

"His match at WrestleMania was the match right before mine. With celebrities, you never know what you're going to get, if they're going to be good, but he was really great. I was standing back there going, 'Wow, we have a tough act to follow.' Of course, we followed it and stole the show, but he set the groundwork," Lynch said. "If you're starting to run this business the way that we do, you have to be on the road 300 days a year, doing shows four days a week, that's what the real greats do. He has a lot of work to catch up on. So far, he's doing great."

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