Watch: WWE's Alexa Bliss Performs Eminem's Lose Yourself

WWE's Alexa Bliss is in the hunt for the Money in the Bank briefcase and a shot at the Raw or SmackDown Women's Championship, and while that may take up most of her time these days, she still found some to deliver a performance of one of Eminem's classic songs. Bliss' husband Ryan Cabrera is headlining the festival alongside The Spin Doctors, and at one point Bliss was on stage as Cabrera started playing the song on guitar. That's when Bliss started rapping the verse, and she knocked it out of the park. You can watch how it all unfolded in the video below (courtesy of @Chasefletcher18)

Now the question is do we get to see Bliss picking up a microphone and rapping a bit on WWE TV? Probably not, but hey, this is WWE, so you never know what's going to happen. Bliss recently jumped back into the mix, and during an interview with T95 The Rock Station, she revealed what she was up to during her time away from the ring, which included getting surgery and planning her wedding.

"I had surgery, I had to get my nose all handled because, after six broken noses, it finally collapsed," Bliss said. "But then I took that time, as well as that to plan my wedding and get married and go on my honeymoon. So it was definitely much needed. After nine years in the company to have time to actually plan a wedding and do all the stuff that's basically because we're on the road, almost like 200 days a year. So we don't get a lot of time to plan stuff. So it was nice to have that time for once and kind of take advantage of that."

Bliss also had the chance to help create her new music upon returning, something she couldn't have been more thrilled to be a part of.

"So our music team reached out to me when I returned. They just like, 'Hey, we think you need new music. What do you want? I was like, 'oh, okay,' I wanted to make it sound more like a song instead of wrestling entrance music. So, my acting coach and I kind of wrote out lyrics and some bullet points of things that we thought could be fun and a song and send it to the team and they took the lyrics and made them a lot better and made the music, and it just kind of turned into what it is now," Bliss said.

Bliss will be in action at Money in the Bank in the Women's Ladder Match, and you can check it out live at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas or stream it exclusively on Peacock.

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