Watch: Bad Bunny Delivers Amazing Bunny Destroyer to John Morrison at Wrestlemania 37

Pop star Bad Bunny just won his debut WWE match at Wrestlemania 37, in part because of a picture perfect "Bunny Destroyer." Tonight's Wrestlemania 37 featured a fantastic tag match between Grammy-winning artist Bad Bunny and Damian Priest and the tag team of John Morrison and the Miz. Bad Bunny showed up in a big way during the match, pulling off several surprise moves that had even veteran wrestling fans impressed. The biggest spot was when Bad Bunny delivered a perfect Canadian Destroyer to Morrison, taking the longtime wrestler out of the match and directly leading to Bunny's team picking up the victory.

A longtime WWE fan, Bad Bunny has been actively involved in WWE programming for months. Bad Bunny started things off with a 24/7 Title victory, and Bunny took the title with him on SNL. An appearance at the Royal Rumble set up this tag team match, after Bad Bunny launched himself off the top rope to take out Morrison and Miz in the middle of the Men's Royal Rumble match. That set up a series of back-and-forths between Miz and Bad Bunny, with the Miz making a parody video with Morrison mocking Bad Bunny, and then vandalizing one of Bad Bunny's multi-million dollar cars.

Bad Bunny put on one of the best celebrity matches we've ever seen at Wrestlemania and played his part to perfection. Not only did the celebrity have several big moves in the match, he also sold Miz and Morrison's punches and kicks perfectly and spent the majority of the match in the ring. It's unclear whether Bad Bunny will stay involved with the WWE after Wrestlemania, but he certainly should be welcome to appear on any WWE program whenever he wants after a performance of this caliber.