WWE's Alexa Bliss Addresses Instagram Removing Her Disney Tattoo Post

WWE superstar Alexa Bliss happens to be a huge fan of everything Disney, and if you've ever taken [...]

WWE superstar Alexa Bliss happens to be a huge fan of everything Disney, and if you've ever taken a look at her Instagram account you'll see multiple examples of this. Bliss has also shared photos of her various tattoos in the past, but evidently Instagram took issue with one of these for some reason and removed the post entirely from the service. Bliss revealed the removal on a recent Instagram story, and understandably she doesn't really get why Instagram would take issue with it, especially since she's shared photos of tattoos previously. You can see her story post in the image below (via Sportskeeda).

Bliss wrote "Apparently my Disney tattoo was "offensive" so IG took it down. OHHKAY INSTAGRAM". Seriously, how do you hate on a Disney tattoo?

(Photo: Instagram)

The only real reason to hate on a Disney tattoo is if it features the words "Emperor's New Groove is Overrated" because it is a gem of a film and I will not hear any slander towards it. It's worth it for Kronk's antics and theme song alone! Okay, I'm done now.

Back to Bliss, she's staying pretty busy these days, and while she did end up getting a horde of ladders stacked on top of her at Money in the Banks, she's assuredly going to be a force to be reckoned with as we head into SummerSlam.

As for what's next, some fans are hoping to see the dark magic-powered Bliss take on Raw's resident Almost Superhero in Nikki A.S.H.. Nikki was able to win the Money in the Bank match and then cashed in the briefcase on Charlotte Flair to win the Raw Women's Championship.

Since then she's defended it from Rhea Ripley and Charlotte Flair, and next will defend it against Ripley and Flair together in a Triple Threat Match at SummerSlam. If she can hold onto the title, it would seem like the perfect place for Bliss to return and issue a challenge for the Raw Women's Championship. There's plenty of history between the two as well from before Bliss turned to the dark side so to speak, so it would make for quite a feud.

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