WWE Superstar Alexa Bliss Engaged to Ryan Cabrera

WWE Superstar Alexa Bliss took to social media on Saturday night to announce that she was now engaged to singer Ryan Cabrera. The two first met a year ago, but the news that they were dating didn't break until February. She later revealed The Miz was the one who first introduced the two, telling The Bella Twins in August, "So, Miz, who's best friends with Ryan called him and asked about him dating Alexa Bliss and Ryan had no clue who I was. Miz ended up telling him it's a girl he works with. Then we started chatting and he asked me to go to one of his shows and asks where I'm from.

"I tell him I'm in Orlando and he says he was flying to Orlando at the time for a show," she added. "I thought, 'Maybe' because I know how musicians are, I've dated them before. I ended up going to the show and he invited me out after the show and I turned him down, but we continued to talk and he was very patient and persistent and we became amazing friends. Ultimately it turned into an amazing relationship. He's so sweet and so amazing."

Congratulations to the happy couple!

On WWE programming, Bliss recently altered her persona after getting attacked by The Fiend, showing off more deranged tendencies before appearing on The Firefly Fun House. The two have formed some sort of partnership, kicking off their arrival on Monday Night Raw by attacking both Andrade and Zelina Vega with Sister Abigail. Throughout that time, Bliss' former tag partner Nikki Cross has repeatedly failed to win her back.


In recent weeks Bliss has tried luring in Randy Orton with "A Moment of Bliss" segments, just for The Fiend to appear. Wyatt has made it abundantly clear he still wants revenge on Orton for burning down Sister Abigail's cabin back in 2017.