WWE's Asuka Shatters Bayley And Charlotte's Records As Champion

The Divas of World Wrestling Entertainment have helped to create a big new part of the wrestling organization, and it seems as if an interesting factoid has emerged that Asuka, the spirited grappler who currently holds the Raw Women's Championship belt, has surpassed the number of days that both Bayley and Charlotte Flair have racked up as champions themselves. The statistics, which take into account all of the different belts that these female wrestlers have held throughout their wrestling careers, also give us a good idea of how long the other top divas of the business have held championship belts themselves!

Asuka continues to be an electrifying personality within the WWE, defending her title as the Raw Women's Championship against all comers, but was recently sent a terrifying message by the collective of wrestlers that are known as "Retribution". With the new big pay-per-view event on the way in the form of Survivor Series, it will be interesting to see what this big show has in store for Asuka and the rest of the female diving within World Wrestling Entertainment. Perhaps Bayley and Charlotte Flair might have the opportunity to steal Asuka's title at this upcoming November event!

Reddit User LSines2015 put together the unique statistics that not only prove that Asuka has beaten out both Charlotte Flair and Bayley when it comes to overall days as champions themselves, but is only defeated currently by the older wrestler known as the "Fabulous Moolah" who held a championship for an insane period of time:

Asuka has surpassed Bayley and Charlotte for most total days as champion in the modern era. from r/SquaredCircle

Asuka didn't have a role to play in the recent Hell In A Cell that took place earlier in October, but the women's roster of the WWE was well represented with the amazing battle that took place between Bayley and Sasha Banks. The two wrestlers were "working out their differences" while locked inside a steel cage following the erosion of their friendship, with Banks managing to win the Smackdown's Women Title in the process and thus might have the opportunity to overtake Asuka's current lead holding a championship belt!

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