WWE's Bella Twins Fight Over Hooters, the Hall of Fame, and Rivals While Eating Hot Wings

WWE's The Bella Twins were down for a fight on Truth or Dab where they talked about Hooters, the Hall of Fame, and Rivals. For those initiated, the show focuses on asking quiz questions and if they refuse to answer they have to eat super-spicy wings. The girls are absolutely great sports, so they weren’t down for selling all of their fellow superstars down the river. Now, that doesn’t mean they remained completely silent when fun topics came up. Their time at Hooters, choosing favorites among family and their rivals all came up. When asked to divulge a trade secret from her time at the popular wing spot, Nikki Bella offered this:

“Okay, so we were taught that whenever you were taking the customer’s order, you are supposed to lean in and you squeeze your cleavage,” she began. “Then, you would have to be like, ‘Do you want fries with that?’ Because at Hooters, we would charge for fries and ranches and blue cheese. So, the trick was when you were up selling them for all these things that are like fifty-nine cents, you had to lean on the table and squeeze your breasts together.”

So, while you take second to process all that information. Brie had to spill the beans on whether she would choose her sister or her husband, Daniel Bryan, for the WWE Hall of Fame first.

“Okay, so no offense, I’m going to go for my husband,” Brie began. Her sister quickly pointed out that she broke her neck in the ring and also survived two brain cysts. “I don’t know if it’s the spice talking but Bryan just had a lot of injuries. I’m just saying, his journey and everything he’s accomplished.”

Luckily for them both, they made WWE’s Class of 2020 together. Mick Foley was very supportive of the two in the lead-up to the announcement. Many people argue that they changed the Women’s division forever over the course of their careers.


"I believe @BellaTwins are very deserving inductees into the #WWEHOF," Foley wrote. "Great athletes, excellent attitudes, mainstays in the Divas division for years before the women's revolution - and were tireless ambassadors for @WWE well before @TotalDivas brought them mainstream attention."

Would you be able to answer questions with the hot sauce in the equation? Let us know down in the comments!