WWE Fans Celebrate The Ten Year Anniversary of The Big Show Revealing CM Punk's Shaved Head

The Big Show and CM Punk might not have entered the square circle of World Wrestling Entertainment for some time, but fans are celebrating the hilarious match up that saw the larger than life wrestler of Big Show removing Punk's mask, revealing a shaved head beneath his mask. The match which took place during WWE Smackdown a decade ago, saw the Big Show making his way through Punk's team mates, ripping off his "Straight Edge" mask only to reveal that CM had an appearance that was far more like the Giant than he was originally admitting.

Currently, the Big Show and CM Punk have left the WWE, both taking on new projects in the meantime since their individual departure from the organization. The Big Show has recently had notoriety thanks in part to his television series on Netflix, appropriately titled "The Big Show Show", following the former wrestler taking over the suburbs and trying to be the best father he can. CM Punk proceeded to attempt to enter a new kind of ring in the UFC, even writing for Marvel Comics with a limited series that gave us a new story for one of the biggest members of the Guardians of the Galaxy in Drax. Needless to say, these two big professional wrestlers worked well in their rivalry which took place ten years ago!

CM Punk recalled the hilarious event that saw him having his mask torn from his head by the Big Show, revealing the fact that he had shaved his head, noting that he was truly ashamed simply because it made him look more like the giant wrestler that he had fought at the time:

Punk's "crew" at the time went by the title of the Straight Edge Society, including the likes of Joey Mercury, Luke Gallows, and Serena to name a few. Though the crew never hit the same heights as the likes of the NWO or Degeneration X, they definitely left their mark on World Wrestling Entertainment during their time in the squared circle.


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