Brie Bella Says She and Husband Daniel Bryan Have "Grown Apart" in Their Marriage

Former WWE Superstar Brie Bella and former WWE Champion Daniel Bryan have shown some rocky aspects of their relationship on the latest season of Total Bellas. And based on the comments she made in a new interview wit TVInsider, it doesn't sound like things have improved since the latest season finished filming. The pair have been married since 2014 with one child and another on the way, and the former Divas Champion chalks up their unhappiness to struggles that all married couples go through.

"You're never prepared for reality television or what is going to happen," Bella said. "[Bryan and I] never had the intention of showcasing our marriage the way we did this season. What happens when the cameras are on, [producers] start to realize what is really going on. It's like, "Wow, are you and Bryan distant? Are you and Bryan happy?"

"You start to ask these same questions and realize I'm not happy," he added. "We are distant and evolving differently. But Bryan and I put on a brave face and show this part of our marriage because we do believe a lot of married people who have kids go through this."

A preview for this week's episode of Total Bellas shows the pair getting into a tense argument over letting Nikki and her fiance Artem Chigvintsev continue to stay at their house.

"I think mostly because you don't care if we get alone time or not," Bryan says.

"Bryan, that is not why," Brie responds.

"Yeah, it's just a little frustrating to me when we're getting so little alone time together already," he responds.

Meanwhile in the memoir Nikki opened up about her former relationship with John Cena, as well as her frustrations with how WWE handled the neck injury that kept her out of action for nearly a full year.


"I asked for an MRI, but they told me that it wouldn't show anything," Bella wrote. "They had no answer when I explained that my legs were going numb and giving out on me in matches, that I could only lie down in bed for a few hours at a time. Finally I had an MRI. I was in Austin, Texas, and I was backstage. A doctor came up to me to say: 'Just so you know, we're not going to find anything.' I would have given anything for that to be true."

"I was really frustrated because I felt like if I were a male Superstar, I'd be getting radically different treatment instead of being instructed to just sit at home and pray," she added.