WWE's Brock Lesnar Shocks the Crowd With Surprise SmackDown Return

What a ride it's been today for the WWE Universe, as tonight's SmackDown was seemingly in flux thanks to Vince McMahon's retirement announcement and Brock Lesnar's reported departure from the venue after the Vince news became public. There might be more to that last bit though, as Lesnar then shocked everyone in the crowd and at home by showing up after tonight's main event, and poor poor Theory caught the brunt of the pummeling he was serving. Earlier reports had indicated Lesnar left after the Vince news was made public, so it looks like he ended up returning later on or something else was going on and he never actually left. We'll just have to wait and see how that shakes out.

Lesnar's music hit during a taunting from Theory after the match, and he found himself in the ring against a relatively happy Lesnar. Lesnar had Theory up in the air pretty soon after getting in the ring and then hit him with an F5, but The Beast was not done with his attack just yet.

After hitting a standard F5 Lesnar wanted to get some style points, so he then picked up Theory's Money in the Bank briefcase and slammed Theory with it several times. Then he put it back on the mat and went to pick up Theory again, and this time he would hit an F5 on Theory, slamming him down right onto the briefcase.

Theory was clearly in pain, and Lesnar couldn't have been happier, and he would stick around a bit to talk more trash to the crowd and loom over Theory. Theory hopes to cash in that briefcase on the Tribal Chief Roman Reigns and his WWE Undisputed Universal Championship, but Lesnar feels he was robbed of that Title, and so he will likely look to get in Theory's way and secure that Title for himself.

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