Watch: WWE Shares Heartfelt Tribute Video Dedicated to Brodie Lee

Brodie Lee (real name Jon Huber, known in WWE as Luke Harper) passed away at the age of 41 this [...]

Brodie Lee (real name Jon Huber, known in WWE as Luke Harper) passed away at the age of 41 this past weekend. While numerous wrestlers from companies all over the world have come forward to pay their respects to their friend, the only thing WWE had officially done was released a statement and flash a quick "In Memory Of" photo of Lee prior to this week's Monday Night Raw. That all changed on Thursday when the WWE YouTube channel released an official tribute video, showing stars like Xavier Woods, Kofi Kingston, Tyson Kidd, Adam Pearce and Jason Jordan recalling their favorite memories of the former Intercontinental Champion.

The video is incredibly heart-wrenching and emotional overall, though no moment packs quite the same punch as Jordan's segment.

"He was such a family-oriented man. And that was something that just shined through him. And he was one of those people that I always knew I wanted to be around because of the joy he brought to people, how genuinely caring and thoughtful he was. It's hard to see somebody like him leave us. He's an incredible person and somebody that I've just grown to love. And he's gotten to be here with my family and as my family has grown, he was actually the first person besides my wife and I to hold my daughter.

This week's AEW Dynamite was dedicated to Lee, culminating in his son Brodie Lee Jr. being named TNT Champion for life. The show then went off the air with a tribute video, which wrestlers from both companies absolutely loved.

On Thursday morning Lee's widow, Amanda Huber, took to Instagram to thank AEW for the show.

"The entire show was perfect, from top to bottom. The little Easter eggs, the tributes, the matches, and the moments," she wrote"I'm not sure what it looked like on tv, and I'm sure sometime soon, I'll see for myself. But I can tell you in person, the love in that building last night was real. It radiated all night long. You could feel it in the air. It was devastating and beautiful and a testament to one of the best people to walk this earth.

"I will never ever ever be able to thank @tonyrkhan and the @allelitewrestling family enough. No words will ever work. All I can say is that AEW is the most amazing community and Tony is easily the kindest & most genuine person I've ever met," she continued. "He loved my husband. He loves wrestling. He loves AEW. And he loves my family. Real, authentic love."