WWE's Charlotte Flair Retains SmackDown Women's Title in Surprise Challenge

After eight months away, Charlotte Flair made her grand and unexpected return to WWE during last week's SmackDown, and it was certainly a show-stopping return. Not only did she jump in the ring with Ronda Rousey, but she would challenge her to a Title match and ultimately take her SmackDown Women's Championship, and tonight fans got a glimpse at what's next for the Champion. That led to a challenge from Sonya Deville for Flair's Title, calling Flair's 14th Title win into question since she beat a tired and hurting Rousey. Flair accepted her challenge and then decided to have the match tonight, and you can find out how everything played out below.

Flair came to the ring and started things off by saying "So I was thinking. What's that catchphrase...payback's a...nevermind. Just ask Ronda, she knows." She got a Thank You Charlotte chant from the crowd and she said "I have to admit I. Never thought I'd get a Thank You Charlotte, but thank you. And whether you like to cheer me or boo me...oh I get it, or Wooooo, I've always been about 3 things. Passion. Consistency, and dedication for what I do in this ring."

"Now I might be a lot of different things to a lot of people, but the one thing I'm not is complacent. I will always do more. Ask for more. Demand more. I will not rest, I will not coast, and I will knock down any obstacle that stands in my way. That's what a Champion does. A Champion expects the unexpected and rises to every occasion. And ladies and gentlemen, that's what I've done 14 times.," Flair said.

Then Sonya Deville's music hit and she had something to say. "Hold on now. First of all, Ladies and Gentlemen, Charlotte Flair. Charlotte here's the thing. The hillbillies' in this building might not be bright enough to see through your lies, but fortunately, I do. You're out here bragging about being a 14-time Champion, but I think there should be an asterisk to #14. What, you beat a half-dead Ronda Rousey? Congratulations," Deville said.

"My question for you, is how would you fair against a fresh fighter," Deville asked. Flair told her to back up, and she said "oh she's the fighter?" Deville said if she wants tor proved she's a real champ to put her Title on the line right now. Flair asked the crowd if she should, and they said yes. Flair said "challenge accepted, trick."

The match was made official, and once the bell hit Deville went right after Flair, knocking her off her feet with strikes only to eat a huge boot to the face from the Champ that sent her rolling out of the ring. Once back in the ring Flair was working on Deville's leg but she dodged and hit a chop block of her own. Then she connected with a knee and went for the cover but Flair kicked out.

Deville locked Flair in a hold but the Queen would hit back with big chops to the chest. Deville kicked Flair in the face and then went for a knee but missed, and Flair would hit Deville with a clothesline into a cover but the challenger kicked out. Deville hung up Flair on the top rope but the Champ hit a spear and then went for the Figure 4 and bridged to the Figure 8, and Deville had to tap out. Flair is still your SmackDown Women's Champion.

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