WWE Crowns the Greatest Tag Team of All Time

WWE has been counting down the 50 Greatest Tag Teams of All Time on a series of Peacock specials [...]

WWE has been counting down the 50 Greatest Tag Teams of All Time on a series of Peacock specials over the past few weeks. On Wednesday the series concluded by revealing the No. 1 tag team was none other than The New Day. Since Kofi Kingston, Big E and Xavier Woods first joined forces in 2014 the trio has held 11 tag team championships and own the record for longest single tag title reign at 483 days. In descending order, the rest of the top 10 included The Hardy Boyz, The Hart Foundation, Edge & Christian, The Dudley Boyz, The Legion of Doom, The Usos, The New Age Outlaws, The Brothers of Destruction and The British Bulldogs. Do you agree with WWE's picks? Let us know in the comments below!

"I know many will disagree with the list but being named the greatest tag team of all time makes me reflect on our journey," E wrote on Twitter in response to the news. "I'm massively grateful for @TrueKofi & @AustinCreedWins. I'm thankful we bet on ourselves & were unafraid to pursue a path that felt right for us."

E talked about how fans doubted the trio during a Talking Smack segment last August. The former Intercontinental Champion is currently separated from the rest of the group after Kofi Kingston & Xavier Woods were drafted to Raw last year. However, the group continues to maintain that they're still together.

"These were the same conversations we were having when we were starting as a trio," Big E said. "When people said, 'No, the way you're behaving now, as a faction, does not work. It will not work.' And we proved people wrong. We proved that we could forge our own path. I'm letting you know, I understand where you're coming from. I understand that this has always been the formula in wrestling. This has always been the formula in WWE. Now, when it's your time to step up, you have to be serious. You have to get rid of the shorts. I understand that.

"We've been able to forge a path on our own, to me, that is unique. So many people buried us to our faces. So many people buried us behind our backs in 2014, and said 'This will not work! It's going to fail. You're going to be gone. This will not work!' We were told that time and time again, but we did it on our own. I'm so proud of that, we stepped out on our own, that we did what we felt right to us. That we trusted our gut. We trusted our intuition, we said, Kofi, Woods, E, we're gonna do us because we believe in us as a trio."