Vice TV Orders a Dark Side of the Ring Spin-off Series

Dark Side of The Ring, a documentary series on Vice TV that covers some of the darkest chapters in the history of pro wrestling, has been widely celebrated by the pro wrestling community across its first two seasons. According to The Wrap, Vice has now ordered a spin-off series tied directly to the show, Dark Side of The Ring: Confidential.

The new talk show will have showrunners Evan Husney and Jason Eisner speaking with podcast host Conrad Thompson (the man behind such shows as Something to Wrestle with Bruce Prichard and Grillin' JR) as they go in-depth on each episode from the first two seasons.

"In our first two seasons, there were so many amazing 'Dark Side of the Ring' moments left on the cutting room floor," Husney and Eisner told The Wrap. "We're extremely excited to now be able to share bonus footage and behind-the-scenes stories on 'Dark Side of the Ring: Confidential' with Conrad Thompson."

"We are putting the finishing touches on season three of 'Dark Side of the Ring'... and the excitement is building — but the fans absolutely demanded more, sooner!" Morgan Hertzan, executive vice president and general manager of Vice TV, added. "We wanted 'Dark Side' fans to know we're listening and we've made 'Dark Side of the Ring: Confidential' just for them — as a way to thank them for their incredible loyalty to this hit franchise with new, bonus content to tide them over. Evan Husney and Jason Eisner are masters of their craft and 'Dark Side' superfans will get to sit down with them to get the inside track on everything that's remained behind the scenes... until now."

Fans are still waiting release date for Season 3, but a number of topics have been confirmed including the life and tragic death of Brian Pillman, Dynamite Kid, Chris Kanyon, XPW, FMW, Nick Gage, the WCW/New Japan co-branded event Collision in Korea and The Smith Family