Did Dean Ambrose Secretly Get Married?

The WWE's Superstar Shake-Up came roaring out of the gate Monday night when Dean Ambrose made the [...]

The WWE's Superstar Shake-Up came roaring out of the gate Monday night when Dean Ambrose made the jump from Smackdown to Raw, bringing the WWE Intercontinental Championship with him.

One astute WWE fan happened to notice that the IC title wasn't the only piece of jewelry The Lunatic Fringe was sporting as he joined the red team.

A member of the Ambrose Asylum tweeted out a still from Raw that shows Ambrose wearing a ring on his left hand ring finger, which could possibly signify that Dean and his real-life girlfriend, Renee Young may have been married in secret.

While Renee Young did not make any mention of wedded bliss, she did voice her disappointment on Dean's jump to Raw.

Considering Young recently revealed that she was getting death threats from obsessed Ambrose fans, it's no surprise that if there was a marriage, the two would want to keep it under wraps.

In an interview with Vegas Seven, Ambrose commented on the nature of his fans.

"I have a particular demographic. I think I appeal to a lot of people who might have problems of their own [and] they relate to me. It's cool when you can help and inspire people and stuff, but sometimes people just attach to you for strange reasons, [and] their behavior is not the best. I've been stalked, I've been—"

If there was a secret ninja wedding between Ambrose and Young, it would stand in stark contrast to the engagement WWE fans were treated to at WrestleMania between John Cena and Nikki Bella.

Ambrose and Young were originally scheduled to have the 'Mania feud with The Miz and Maryse, and even went so far as to have Renee get physical in the ring with Miz, but the plans were scrapped in favor of the higher profile engagement angle with Cena and Nikki.

So did Dean Ambrose tie the knot in secret? He wouldn't be the first to do so as Sasha Banks recently admitted she intentionally hid her nuptials to keep away "crazy fans."

Whether Raw's newest addition is married or not, we certainly wish Ambrose and Young all the best as they will now spend their weeks apart travelling on separate brands.


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