Diamond Dallas Page Says Family Members, AEW Wrestler QT Marshall Have All Tested Positive for Coronavirus

WWE Hall of Famer Diamond Dallas Page uploaded a new video to his YouTube channel on Tuesday revealing that the coronavirus has affected himself and his family. Page said that he felt like he had symptoms of COVID-19, including a raspy voice, trouble sleeping and severe back pain. He explained that the virus entered his home after a family member living at his house went to a bridal shower in which seven of the 16 women came back with COVID. He said that he tested negative for the virus (though his family member tested positive) after waiting nearly a week for his result back, but even his doctor thought that was a mistake given how he spent more than two weeks with symptoms.

He then confirmed that AEW wrestler QT Marshall had been dealing with COVID-19 as well and had tested positive. Marshall was pulled from an AEW taping several weeks back as a precaution and hasn't been back since

"He had 3 days of symptoms, nothing after that," Page said. "His wife Caroline, she came back negative, she's had one symptom after another, from throwing up to freezing to everything. He got another test today that says that he's still positive."

Page said his hope for the news update is that people will remain diligent about protecting against the virus. The former WCW World Heavyweight Champion has been vocal in interviews about not opening businesses too quickly, like when Georgia governor Brian Kemp called for gyms to reopen back in April.

"Personally, I'm erring on the side of caution and I'm not going to do it. If it works for other people then let them do it," Page told TMZ Sports at the time. "For me personally it won't work. ... I know the governor is under a lot of pressure to get people out and get them working, because all those small business loans that were supposed to get taken care of, from what I saw, I didn't see any small businesses get taken care of. I saw a lot of big businesses get taken care of. Like Chris Ruth's [Steak House], they got tons, millions of dollars. But a lot of these smaller little restaurants, they didn't get anything."