Drew McIntyre Says the Worst Bump of His Career Came During a Recent WWE Championship Match With Randy Orton

Drew McIntyre recently sat down for an interview with FOX Sports' Ryan Satin where he was asked what was the worst bump he had ever taken in his pro wrestling career. The WWE Champion didn't have to think back too far, as his answer was when he fell off the side of Hell in a Cell against Randy Orton back in October. For those who missed it, Orton goaded McIntyre onto the roof of the Cell, then had him chase "The Viper" down the opposite side. While the pair were still halfway up the wall, Orton caused McIntyre to fall onto the commentary table below.

The fall eventually led to to the finish, which saw Orton counter a Claymore attempt and pin McIntyre with an RKO. "The Scottish Psychopath" won the title back three weeks later on Raw.

"[It was] the worst bump by far. Horrible," McIntyre said. "But again, I just wanted to do it for the sake of history. I wanted to do it for the fans. Thinking of [Mick] Foley, I was like, 'Think of the virtual pop!' When I was up there, it's legitimately ten feet the plate I was standing on, but with my boots on I'm 6'7. So it was 17 feet basically. I was looking down before I fell off. When I hit that table, I was like, 'Ok table, break my fall.' As soon as I landed I bit through my tongue. Blood coming out of my mouth. Whiplash. Sucked."

McIntyre then revealed the spot wound up changing how the match ended.


"When I was selling back to the ring, it really added to the story though," he explained. "Like, when I came off, and I was able to get to the ring, and I got in there and we had the sequence with the RKO, it wasn't planned that way. It just felt right because of the violence of that bump. I was done for at that point. That wasn't how we planned it necessarily, but it's how it felt right. That's the thing, when you're out there, even without the fans there live, the ThunderDome helps you feel what the right thing is to do and how to tell that story correctly."

McIntyre lost to Roman Reigns in a non-title match at Survivor Series this past Sunday.