Edge Explains Why He Spoiled His WWE Return at the Royal Rumble Ahead of Time

Edge made a surprise appearance on this week's Monday Night Raw and announced that not only was he [...]

Edge made a surprise appearance on this week's Monday Night Raw and announced that not only was he cleared to return to action after suffering a torn tricep seven months ago, but that he would be competing in the Men's Royal Rumble match this Sunday at the Royal Rumble pay-per-view. Tuesday also marked the one-year anniversary since Edge returned at last year's Rumble, and he explained that there was no way he'd be able to capture that magic again without fans in attendance.

"One year ago. Feels like a decade doesn't it? Last years story was once in a lifetime. No sense trying to recreate that. Impossible. I don't have you there," Edge said. "This year my journey is different. I'm not just happy to be back. I want back what I never lost and it starts this Sunday."

During his return promo, Edge reflected on how he left WrestleMania XXVII as the reigning World Heavyweight Champion, but had to relinquish the title days later due to the neck injury that forced him to retire. He's now turned his full attention to becoming a world champion again.

In an interview with Booker T back in July, Edge explained his goals for his final run with WWE.

"I want to finish it on my terms. I'm really stubborn on that in this run, I guess. I really want to, with this, try and show that selling still sells," he said. "I feel like that's been lost. Don't get me wrong, I'm guilty, too. You can watch the TLC matches and say 'but, but, but!' And I get it. I was young and I was there and I did it. I was always told by the Steve Austin's, by the (Undertakers) of the world, 'hey man, if you just slowed down and tried this and that, and this and that.' When I started doing that, that's when I started making real money. I see stuff and I'm like, man, everybody is so athletic, so gifted, doing stuff that I couldn't even fathom. I just want to try and show that if you did a quarter of that with all of those little things in between, now you're painting masterpieces that will be able to be around for a while because you'll have longevity this way."