Eva Marie Announces Her WWE Return on WWE Raw

Rumors of Eva Marie returning to the WWE have been spreading for months, but on this week's Monday Night Raw it was finally confirmed that "All Red Everything" was on her way back to the company. Marie appeared via a video promo on top of a Ferrari, claiming that the "Eva-loution" would be coming to WWE soon.

Marie was suspended by the WWE back in mid-2016 due to a Wellness Policy violation and promptly stopped appearing on WWE television. Thirteen months later she confirmed that she was no longer in the company, but two years later she started saying in interviews that she was in negotiations with the promotion.

"Sure. I'm always going to have that itch. I absolutely love wrestling. You never know. It's one of those things where things have totally taken off for the women of WWE," Marie told TV Insider back in 2019. "They are killing it right now. I think it's so amazing. Of course, if the opportunity arises and the timing is how it's supposed to be, I definitely would come back to shake things up because I can always bring the heat. That's for sure."

"Absolutely. WWE is my No. 1. My home. My family. They prepared me for all the things I am doing and what I want to do in my career," she told The Wrap in September 2020. "I am forever grateful to the company, to Vince [McMahon], Hunter [Triple H] and Stephanie [McMahon]. If it made sense, of course I'd come back home."

By October 2020 reports started appearing online that she was back in Orlando undergoing medical testing to appear inside the WWE ThunderDome. However, up until Monday there had been no confirmation from WWE that she might be back.


Since initially leaving WWE, Marie has worked as a fitness ambassador, appeared as a contestant on Celebrity Big Brother and acted in such roles as the 2020 Bruce Willis movie Hard Kill. Marie's initial run with then company lasted from 2013-17, though she was heavily criticized by fans at the time for her lack of in-ring ability.

WWE started playing into the vitriol as the year's went on, going so far as to extend her entrance every week and keep finding new ways for her not to wrestle.