WWE Extreme Rules: Drew McIntyre Retains WWE Championship Despite Lopsided Stipulation

Drew McIntyre managed to overcome some fairly impressive odds in order to retain the WWE Championship on Sunday night at The Horror Show at Extreme Rules. At the start of the match Ziggler finally announced the stipulation — an Extreme Rules match, but only for him. That meant McIntyre had to follow the rules of a normal match, and if he was counted-out or disqualified he would lose the championship. That didn't seem to make much of a difference at first, until Ziggler kicked McIntyre square in the nuts to get the advantage.

From there Ziggler did everything he could to abuse the rules as much as possible while McIntyre struggled to mount much offense. At one point the champ tried to hit the Claymore, only for ZIggler to nail his plant leg with a steel chair, hit a Zig-Zag and get a close two count.

Ziggler then placed McIntyre on a table outside the ring and hit a diving elbow from the top rope, but McIntyre managed to beat the count to get back into the ring. One Zig-Zag and a Rock Bottom on a chair later and Ziggler was left shouting, "Why won't you die?!"

The challenger then tried for a superkick, only for McIntyre to kip up, nail a Claymore and score the pin.

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