WWE Fan Makes an Ezekiel Tribute Set to "Leave The Memories Alone"

WWE's Ezekiel was written off television back on the Aug. 8 episode of Monday Night Raw when Kevin Owens nailed him with an Apron Powerbomb. News broke a month later that the former 24/7 Champion would be getting rid of the character and reverting back to his Elias persona. "The Drifter" returned on this week's Raw and wound up getting directly involved in the United States Championship picture with Seth Rollins, Matt Riddle and Mustafa Ali. 

Ezekiel first debuted back in April, claiming that he was Elias' younger brother. He'd spend the next few months feuding with Owens, who kept trying to make Ezekiel admit that he was really just Elias thanks to his hatred for liars. WWE dove headfirst into the idea by using camera tricks to make it look like Ezekiel and Elias were different people by having them sit in the same room together and interact, even though it was clear Elias was wearing a fake beard. 

Watch an Ezekiel Tribute Made by a WWE Fan

Reddit user u/alexablissreactions uploaded a tribute to Ezekiel on the SquaredCircle subreddit on Wednesday, recapping his career highlights. The video is set to "Leave the Memories Alone" by Fuel, the same song WWE used for Ric Flair leading up to his initial retirement match against Shawn Michaels at WrestleMania XXIV.

Ezekiel gave a number of interviews full in-character, including one with ComicBook. At one point he talked about the fans showing their support for him.

"Yeah, (I was surprised by the support). I mean, borderline overwhelming. I want to thank my older brother for it. I think there's a little something. I can't quite put my finger on it, but the audience must see something in me that they saw in Elias. And so there's some kind of carryover connection there that I am just so grateful for. And I was out in the crowd just a few weeks ago and the guy next to me was screaming. He was a 'Zeke freak.' It's like, I feel like that's what my crew has called themself. The Zeke Freaks. And I'm grateful for it. I am humbled by it. And it's really awesome to have that kind of support so quickly," he said.