Finn Balor's Latest Fan Art Post of The Club Gets WWE Fans Buzzing

Finn Balor took to social media on Tuesday morning with a new fan art post from @thewrestlingpurist, one that got fans of "The Prince" incredibly excited. The photo features Balor, AJ Styles and Adam Cole all wearing black suits with the words "The Club" underneath. A closer look shows a couple of bullets flying through the letters, making a not-so-subtle reference to The Bullet Club. Balor, Styles and Cole all played prominent roles in the New Japan Pro-Wrestling group prior to their arrivals in WWE.

The company has teased the idea of having the ex-Bullet Club members form their own faction in WWE before, especially when Styles, Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson were running around as The Club/The OC. But Balor was always kept separate from the trio and Cole has been attached to The Undisputed Era since his debut.

Even though the photo was uploaded without comment, it still managed to get fans excited about the idea.

"Are you saying there's a chance?" one fan wrote on Instagram.

"Don't even play with our hearts like that," wrote another.

The reaction was similar on Twitter.

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During a Twitch stream back in September, Styles was asked to form a WWE version of Bullet Club. Naturally, Balor and Cole came up.

"Well certainly, Finn is one of those guys...I'd have to throw Adam Cole in there as well. It's hard to know which guys I'd put in there; that's a tough question. It's not just what guys would get along, it's what guys you have stuff in common with. With Gallows and Anderson not there, that makes it really tough for me. I don't know who else."

In an interview with ComicBook back in August, Gallows and Anderson (who were released back in April and have since found a new home with Impact Wrestling) said that if WWE had tried to outright buy the Bullet Club from New Japan, it would have been a disaster.


"I don't know if it would be a full commitment," Gallows said.

"I would say, with that's happened in the last three or four months, I would say it would have been a full-blown fumble," Anderson added. "It wasn't created by them, and they would have fumbled the f— out of it."