Hana Kimura's Mother Says 'Terrace House' Producers Pushed Her Into Situation That Caused CyberBullying

Japanese wrestler Hana Kimura died via suicide at the age of 22 back on May 23, and since then more details surrounding her tragic passing have come to light. Kimura was a star on Netflix's Japanese reality show Terrace House and was the victim of cyberbullying from viewers after an incident aired where she slapped co-star Kai Kobayashi's hat off his head for accidentally shrinking her wrestling gear. In a new interview with Bunshun Kimura's mother Kyoko Kimura (a retired pro wrestler) revealed that producers pushed Hana into playing a villain on the show and told her to slap Kobayashi on camera.

The episode that featured the incident re-aired five days before Kimura's death. Kyoko's interview was translated by @farrahakase via a Twitter, some of which you can see below.

The thread added that Kobayashi confirmed the story about what the producers did, and that interviewer has since reached out to show's production company, Fuji TV.


Since Kimura's passing numerous wrestlers have paid tribute to her on social media and on television while also speaking out against cyberbullying.

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