WWE: Jeff Hardy Arrested During SmackDown Taping

Tonight's WWE SmackDown started in a rather unusual way, with a breaking news-style format showing Elias on the ground with medical personnel around him. He had a neck brace on and was lying next to a crashed car, and the person that hit him was nowhere to be found. Police found alcohol however in the grey rental car that hit him, and the rental agreement was in Jeff Hardy's name. Police then found Hardy in an alleyway behind some houses, and he was clearly hurt and inebriated, and they then arrested him and took him in for questioning.

Now, this is clearly a storyline, but it is based very much on Hardy's real life. Hardy has had numerous incidents involving alcohol and DUIs, and with him coming in sober and with a new lease on life, it would appear someone is setting him up to make it look as if he's falling back on his old ways.

Braun Strowman was also out on the scene and said they needed to find the SOB that did this, while Elias was taken away in an ambulance for more medical care.

It looked like a setup, but then again, perhaps this is a story about Hardy falling off the wagon and then working his way back up. It would seem odd to go that route, but WWE has always touched on real-life things for storyline fuel, so it's not unprecedented.

It certainly is an interesting way to start off SmackDown, and we'll keep you posted when w learn more.

You can find the official description for tonight's SmackDown below.

"The Intercontinental Championship Tournament heads into the semifinal round as Jeff Hardy faces Daniel Bryan, and Elias battles AJ Styles."

Here's the card for tonight:

Jeff Hardy vs Daniel Bryan

Elias vs AJ Styles

Lacey Evans vs Sonya Deville


Moment of Bliss featuring The New Day

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