WWE SmackDown Star Teases Return From Injury With Workout Video

Though he's popped up on WWE television a few times over the past year, Jimmy Uso hasn't been able to compete since the SmackDown Tag Team Championship ladder match back at WrestleMania 36. He suffered a serious knee injury during the match, leaving Jey Uso to compete on his own as a singles star on the Blue Brand. That eventually led to Jey challenging Roman Reigns for the Universal Championship, culminating in Reigns attacking Jimmy at Hell in a Cell and forcing his brother to surrender the match.

Jey took to Instagram on Monday night and shared a pair of videos of Jimmy training inside the WWE Performance Center. While he was still wearing a brace, the former tag champ looked incredibly mobile.

After undergoing reconstructive surgery, Uso was originally slotted to return in late 2020, but later updates indicated it wouldn't be until January/February of this year. Given that Jey now finds himself in a feud with Kevin Owens, this week's SmackDown might be the perfect time for "Main Event Jey" to get some back-up from his family.

Jey revealed in interviews late last year that his feud with Reigns was supposed to be a one-off match, but WWE was so impressed with their first outing at Clash of Champions that it was extended to an I Quit Hell in a Cell match a month later.


"The feeling's right there, the promos right there. If you watch the match back, the match was basic, what grooved is the damn story and that is the main thing. We showing you real emotion, we showing you feeling. You can put the Fiend with Roman, you can put Seth Rollins with Roman, whoever, whatever, whatever top guy they got, put him with Roman, I guaran-damn-tee you, uce, they didn't pull out emotion, they didn't pull out real feeling, they didn't pull out storytelling the way me and uce did that thing," Uso said while on the Cheap Heat Podcast. "Tell me you didn't feel like you were watching a damn movie, you forgot you were watching wrestling."

As for Reigns, Edge confirmed during the Elimination Chamber that he'll challenge "The Tribal Chief" for his Universal title at WrestleMania 37.