WWE: Great News Regarding the Survivor Series WarGames Main Event

WWE's reported plan for the main event of Survivor Series WarGames on Nov. 26 is still The Bloodline vs. Drew McIntyre, Sheamus, Ridge Holland, Butch and Kevin Owens. There was some concern that Owens might have to miss the event after suffering what was reportedly an MCL sprain during a live event this past weekend. However, PWInsider is now reporting that Owens is still scheduled to travel to the next two episodes of SmackDown, so it sounds like the injury will not keep him out of the match. 

Owens has plenty of history with Reigns and the Universal Championship, but he'll likely be entering the match to try and knock some sense into Zayn for siding with the faction as "The Honorary Uce." It was recently reported that an Owens/Zayn storyline was in the cards, but the sudden popularity of Zayn's involvement in the group caused WWE to put plans on hold. As a result, Owens has not been in a televised match since late September. 

Sami Zayn in The Bloodline

Zayn talked with WWE Die Woche last month and shed some light on WWE's original plans for his involvement with Roman Reigns' faction. He said, "The whole thing actually evolved quite a bit from the initial idea. I love where we're at right now, I think a lot of fans are enjoying it. I'm happy it went the way it did. The initial idea wasn't to necessarily join the Bloodline because I didn't think that was possible. It's the Bloodline, you have to be blood, right?"

"The idea was, I was calling myself the locker room leader at that time. Roman Reigns is the Head of Table," Zayn continued. "The idea would have been to have an on-screen relationship where I'm checking in with him, he's checking in with me, I can help him out when the time is right. That kind of thing. Then it just morphed and evolved into this. It's been a collaborative process for sure with everyone involved. Everyone is really in their roles full steam ahead and that's what's making it work so well. Everyone is so committed to it. And the fans, I see them predicting what's going to happen next every week and it's never quite what they think is going to happen. That's what I love. I love when it's semi-predictable, but it's not at all predictable."

h/t PWInsider