WWE Now Selling "Macho Man" Randy Savage Legacy Championships

Over the past year we've seen WWE tinker with selling limited edition championship belts at high prices themed around some of the company's all-time biggest stars. Past examples The Fiend version of Bray Wyatt's Universal Championship, The Undertaker's purple belt inside of a coffin carrying case and "Signature" WWE Championships themed after Triple H, John and Eddie Guerrero. Randy Savage is the latest legend to receive his own legacy championship, which WWE unveiled this week. The price tag for a preorder is $849.99, and only 500 belts were created for the sale.

The description for the championship reads, "WWE Shop is honoring this incomparable Legend with the latest entry in the Legacy Championship Series line developed to celebrate the legacy and achievements of some of the most prolific Superstars in WWE history. Exclusively available at WWE Shop, only 500 of these titles will ever be offered for sale, making it an absolute must-have for collectors and fans alike. This custom-crafted limited-edition title is truly fit for a Macho King with a real suede and leather strap, an incredible 7.27mm thick main plate, and 12 Swarovski crystals! But perhaps the first thing you'll notice is that it comes in a custom sunglasses case with an image of Macho Man printed across the top. Inside, in addition to the championship, you'll also find a pair of exclusive sunglasses and a bandana."

"Every design element of the title itself celebrates Randy Savage," it continues. "The main plate is emblazoned with 'Macho Man,' the year of his in-ring debut, and the three stars featured on the ring gear from some of his most memorable matches. The six side plates offer snapshots into the different phases of his Hall of Fame career, and the tip features his signature sunglasses. This title contains 29 stars to represent each championship "Macho Man" Randy Savage won during his career and 12 Swarovski Crystals to represent 'Macho Man' Randy Savage becoming the 12th Superstar to win the WWE Championship."

Will you be throwing down the money to buy one of these championships dedicated to the WWE Hall of Famer? Let us know down in the comments!