WWE's Mandy Rose Retains NXT Women's Title With Help From Debuting Star

WWE's Alba Fyre has taken out Toxic Attraction's Jacy Jayne and Gigi Dolin, leaving NXT Women's Champion Mandy Rose on her own for her match against Fyre for the Title. It was a Last Woman Standing match, and Fyre and Rose both pulled out all the stops to ensure a win, including chairs, ladders, tools, trash cans, and more. It seemed like Fyre was going to get the win after setting Rose up on the announce table and moving up the ladder, but then she was attacked by former NXT UK star Isla Dawn, who sent her through the table below and helped get Rose the 10 count, retaining her Title.

Fyre went right after Rose, throwing her outside and punishing her by throwing her into the announce table and the barricades alongside the ring. Then she grabbed a chair and hit Rose with it in the stomach, and then used the ante and found tools and more chairs. Rose countered her next move though and slammed down Fyre onto her back on the chair.

Fyre grabbed a chair and then Rose went with a high knee but grazed the chair and looked to hurt herself. Then Fyre grabbed part of the chair and wrapped it around Rose's leg into a submission, but Rose kicked her in the head to buy some space. Rose then grabbed a trash can and hit Fyre in the back with it, followed by punches to the head.

Rose then grabbed a weapon but chose to slam Fyre down instead. Rose then put the bar around Fyre's mouth but she threw Rose off and then hit her with two shoulder tackles. Fyre hit two more knee strikes to the chin then hit a Tornado DDT. Rose rolled out of the ring but Fyre caught up with her and dove from the top rope, and both were on the ground as the referee started to count. Fyre got to her feet and grabbed a ladder and hit Rose's arm with it, and then she set it up by ringside.

Fyre tried to throw Rose into it but she countered and Fyre collided with it instead. Rose tried to throw it down onto Fyre but she rolled out of the way. Rose slammed the ladder into Fyre against the barricade, pinning her on the floor with the ladder. Fyre got to her feet and ended up in the ring as Rose had a trash can. Fyre then picked up Rose and slammed her into the trash can, and the count started again for both stars.

Rose threw Fyre to the outside and then they exchanged strikes between the barricades. Then Fyre picked up Rose but Rose threw her back into the stairs. Fyre got to her feet again and Rose jumped off the barricade into a superkick from Fyre. Then Fyre lifted Rose and slammed her into the ring apron face first.

Fyre then hit Rose with a baseball bat and went after the ladder again, setting it up by the announce table. Fyre went up and went to jump on Rose but then the lights flickered again and Isla Dawn was on the other side of the ladder, and she hit Fyre with mist to the face and then threw her down onto the table below, shattering it. That gave Rose the 10 count on Fyre and the win. Mandy Rose is still your NXT Women's Champion.

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