Marty Scurll Reportedly Returning to Television Soon

It appears Marty Scurll is returning to the world of pro wrestling soon. In January 2020 "The Villain" signed a multi-year contract with Ring of Honor that not only gave him the freedom to work in other promotions like the NWA, but it also gave him the power as head booker of the company. However, later in the year Scurll was accused of sexual abuse by a woman when she was 16 as part of the Speaking Out Movement. He released multiple statements on the matter, admitting the accusations were true but argued the encounter was consensual. ROH launched an investigation into the accusations and by the time the company returned from hiatus in October Scurll had been removed as booker and was absent from television. ROH announced it had parted ways with Scurll last month.

However, on Wednesday morning Fightful reported Scurll was backstage at a recent taping of NJPW Strong, New Japan Pro-Wrestling's US-based promotion. Fanbyte's Emily Pratt then released a separate report, citing a source who revealed Scurll took part in an on-camera angle with Rocky Romero.

"They weren't trying to hide him," the source said. "I thought we were going to be the company that wasn't booking these guys to get some buzz. They're going to get buzz alright, but probably not the kind they're looking for. And it just reeks of letting things slide because these people are all friends or whatever. I really just think fans should know his involvement beforehand, so they can choose to tune in or not."

Scurll previously wrestled in New Japan beginning in 2017 as a member of both Bullet Club and The Elite, even winning the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship. Many fans assumed Scurll would follow the Young Bucks, Kenny Omega, Cody Rhodes and Hangman Page to launch All Elite Wrestling once his ROH contract expired, but that never happened.