Miro Is Worried About WWE Punishing Lana for His AEW Arrival Promo

Miro — formerly known as Rusev — made his surprise debut on AEW Dynamite last week as "The Best Man" during a segment with Kip Sabian and Penelope Ford. The former United States Champion was released by WWE back on April 15, and he took the opportunity during his return to television to take a few shots at Vince McMahon's "brass rings" and how he had been used in his previous home promotion. However, Miro's wife Lana is still a recurring character on WWE television, and he admitted in a new interview on Busted Open Radio that he's worried WWE might punish her for his actions.

"Absolutely, but at the same time, I feel like they [WWE] should be professional and they should treat it as what it is and it's nothing personal," Miro said [h/t Wrestling Inc]. "They always say it's nothing personal, it's a business. Hopefully they do treat it as nothing personal, it's a business because that's what it is and I just hope that it won't hurt her and I really do hope and I've been thinking about this for a long time.

"It's definitely something on the back of my mind, but I know and I pray that everything will be fine because I feel like we should definitely move on. It's 2020 for Christ sakes," he added.

WWE didn't do a lot to ease those concerns on Monday. This week's Raw saw Lana lose a 75-second tag match to The Riott Squad, then get driven through a commentary table by Nia Jax.


Miro recently took to his Twitch stream to express his excitement over joining All Elite Wrestling.

I think we all have the same agenda. We all want AEW to succeed. We are promoting ourselves, of course, but we are all in agreement...I mean they are already doing great, and destroying NXT and all that, but now we're up for the big prize, man. I knew they were going to get there anyway, but I'm glad that I can be along and join the joyride. "