WWE Plans For Superstar's Heel Turn Include New Stable

WWE has (or has had) a number of underutilized superstars, and you can definitely include Apollo Crews in that category, but that could be about to change. Reports have surfaced that Crews is set to turn full heel very soon and that his recent injury is actually part of that heel turn, but if this rumor pans out, Crews won't be alone and will be part of a heel stable led by MVP. New details courtesy of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter suggests that the stable will be led by MVP, and Crews will be one part of the new crew (via WrestlingNews.Co).

That report goes on to say that Crews would be joined by Brendan Vink and Shane Thorne, which would make sense since MVP is managing both Vink and Thorne. Now, this isn't official or confirmed yet, and according to Meltzer, it is one of several options being considered right now for Crews.

Regardless of whether that angle happens, the plan right now is for Crews to turn heel and get a push, and the injury was all part of that plan.

Now, whether or not that happens remains to be seen. At times plans have been pulled or changed right before they happen with any number of superstars, but we hope this does happen for Crews.

Crews is too talented to just be falling to other superstars constantly, and a full turn could be just the thing he needs.


It's worked for plenty of stars, and the company always has a number of underused babyfaces who could benefit from a quality heel. Plus, playing the heel typically allows more leeway in terms of showing off your personality, and that's what Crews really needs right now.

We're definitely interested to see how this turns out, but in the meantime let us know what you think in the comments or by hitting me up on Twitter @MattAguilarCB for all things WWE!

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