WWE NXT Crowns a New North American Champion

The main event for tonight's NXT was a battle for the North American Championship, and it more than lived up to the hype. North American Champion Isaiah Swerve Scott took on frequent nemesis Santos Escobar, who had a hand in taking out the other members of Hit Row before the match. That's why Swerve didn't waste any time attacking Escobar, attacking him before he even got into the ring. The bell hit and Swerve kept up the assault, slamming Escobar to the round outside the ring and then fiddling with the turnbuckle before targeting Escobar again.

A big kick came next and then a whip into the ropes followed by a big knee to the back, but Escobar kicked out of the pin attempt. He looked shocked by the onslaught, and Swerve kept up the attack and went for another pin, but Escobar kicked out again.

Escobar tried to crawl away and recover, but Serve locked in another hold and hit Escobar in the back with chops, and Escobar managed to escape and knock Swerve's feet out from under him, sending him back first into the ring apron. He followed that up with a dive that sent Swerve over the announce table.

Escobar sends Swerve knee-first into the steel steps next and then rolls him into the ring. He then locked in a hold focusing on Swerve's neck and head and then locked in another hold putting strain on Swerve's legs and knees. Swerve got the ropes though, so he head to break the hold.

Punches and chops followed, and then Escobar charged into Swerve's back. landlocked in another hold putting strain on Swerve's arms and back. Escobar Power Bombed Swerve and then kicked Swerve in the back hard, which sent Swerve reeling. Escobar pulled Swerve's arms again and put a knee in his back, and then afterwards they traded punches and chops.

Swerve hit a clothesline on Escobar and then a charge, and then dove off the top rope for an elbow. Escobar countered his next move though and went for the pin, but Swerve kicked out. A big knee connected and then Escobar went to the top rope and sent Swerve flying hard to the mat.

He went to the top rope again and paid tribute to Eddie Guerrero with an amazing splash, and he almost had the win but Swerve kicked out at the last minute. Escobar hit a big dropkick and then went to the top rope, but Swerve knocked his feet out from under him and then picked him up and slammed his back onto the side of the ring. Swerve went to the top rope hit a 450 but Escobar got both knees up and went for the pin, but Swerve kicked out again.

Then Legado jumped onto the side of the ring, but Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams came out to even the odds and they dealt with Legado. Escobar hit a big knee and lifted Swerve, but he got free and lifted Escoarand slammed him into the exposed turnbuckle. The pin that followed was all he needed, and Swerve is still your North American Champion.

We thought at least, but then Hayes held up Swerve's hand and shockingly clotheslined him. He then brought out his contract that he won for winning the Breakout tournament and cashed it in right here, making this a title match. Swerve fought back the initial attempt, but a fresh Hayes was too much for him ultimately, and after a huge kick it was Hayes who won and was crowned the new North American Champion.

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