WWE NXT Reveals Date For Halloween Havoc 2022

Tonight's WWE NXT had a number of effects on the upcoming premium live event version of fan-favorite Halloween Havoc, and WWE then went ahead and revealed a new logo and the date of the anticipated event after the episode's conclusion. The newest logo for Halloween Havoc features the new NXT logo and also features a purple outline (as opposed to the previous logos going with green outlines), and the post from NXT also revealed that this year's Halloween Havoc will take place on Saturday, October 22nd. You can check out the new logo and the full post from WWE NXT in the Tweet below.

As mentioned previously, this year's event will also be the first Halloween Havoc (of recent years) to be aired on Peacock as a premium live event. Past Halloween Havoc's were aired on Tuesdays on USA Network and were treated as special episodes of NXT. They would typically feature big Title matches of course but were still not considered TakeOver-style events.

Now WWE is turning Havoc into a big-time event and it will now stream on Peacock, so while past Havoc's were big deals, this one is set to be an even bigger deal and could end up really being something special. That's saying a lot when past events featured zombie hordes, haunted houses, brutal street fights and weapon-filled matches, dreaded Circles (sorry Johnny), and Scream-style hooded figures, so it should be interesting to see what NXT pulls out of their hat this time around.

Past Halloween Havoc events have also typically featured a special host who is often either a huge fan of Halloween (like Shotzi Blackheart) or has a character that is more closely aligned with the spooky and supernatural (Dexter Lumis). Lumis ended up chasing Cameron Grimes through a scary house while Blackheart embodied icons of Halloween throughout the event, and both were perfect picks to host.

This year Joe Gacy would be the most direct pick, as his character and Schism overall are already tied into the creepy and supernatural areas of wrestling, while Cora Jade has also embraced the dark side and might be good for a heel host. The same can be said of Toxic Attraction, which might make for a fun collective host. You could also go with Alba Fyre, whose whole 'in the fire' character would be a complimentary fit and would give hosting duties to a babyface.

You could also go in the opposite direction and choose someone who is more cheerful or simply a fan favorite. For that approach, names that come to mind are Chase U, Cameron Grimes, and Wendy Choo, so we'll just have to wait and see.

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