NXT's Great American Bash vs. AEW Fyter Fest Night Two: Which Should You Watch?

The second round of the battle between NXT's Great American Bash and AEW's Fyter Fest will take place this Wednesday night, as both shows deal with the fallout from an eventful first week. AEW was forced to push out its planned main event of AEW World Champion Jon Moxley vs. Brian Cage due to COVID-19, while NXT (which won last week in viewership) had its main event between Adam Cole and Keith Lee spoiled when a wrestler posted the result on Instagram. Ten matches have been announced between the two shows, with the highlights including Lee vs. Cole, Orange Cassidy vs. Chris Jericho, Mia Yim vs. Candice LeRae in a Street Fight and Kenny Omega & Hangman Page in a tag title match against Private Party.

Once again we've assembled ComicBook's team of wrestling writers to answer a simple question — which show should you watch tonight?

Connor Casey: This time I'm sticking with Fyter Fest. NXT delivered last week as expected, but it feels like this second night is being cobbled together on the fly aside from the main event. And if you've been reading the site, you already know who won so a lot of the suspense has been stripped away. Meanwhile, AEW feels like must-see television for that Cassidy/Jericho match, they've done a fantastic job with building that. I'm also really curious to see how they continue to tease the story between FTR, The Young Bucks and Kenny Omega & Hangman Page.

Matt Aguilar: Last week it was easy to pick NXT's Great American Bash as the must-watch wrestling event, and this week it's similarly easy to pick Fyter Fest as the one to watch this Wednesday. Both shows are going to feature great matches, don't get me wrong, but Fyter Fest's Night 2 just has more matches that are must-see TV, starting with the heavily anticipated Chris Jericho vs Orange Cassidy match. I don't even care who wins that match, I just want to see it. SCU vs Dark Order should be entertaining, and you can guarantee that Adam Page and Kenny Omega vs Private Party (with Matt Hardy ringside) is going to be memorable. Throw in FTR's big tag match and you've got a lovely card, and while I'm personally looking forward to Keith Lee vs Adam Cole, Johnny Gargano vs Swerve Scott, and Mia Yim vs Candice LeRae, it's not quite enough to lift it above Fyter Fest this time around.


Evan Valentine: The first week, I rallied behind Fyter Fest and I'm sticking to my guns for night two of both events. The wrestling ability of both the NXT and the AEW is nothing to sneeze at, but pound for pound, the personalities and the card with AEW's next event simply blows Great American Bash out of the water, for me anyway. I'm a man of simple taste, and when it comes to professional wrestling, if I have to make a choice between two events, it's really about just breaking down each match and thinking which will ultimately be more entertaining. It's not a problem I usually run into mind you considering the WWE's overall reach, but here, Fyter Fest definitely has much more to keep me interested with its second night. Also, if I can be real, AEW won me with Matt Hardy alone.

Ryan Droste: Last week, I went with AEW and felt as if it emerged that better of the two shows. This week, I'm sticking with Fyter Fest. Top to bottom, it's the better show. Like last week, I feel NXT has the better singular match (Lee vs. Cole, much like Banks vs. Shirai last week), but it's hard to beat the full card AEW has put together over the last couple of weeks. This Jericho/Orange Cassidy match has me excited and you can't discount any match that involves the fabulous team of Omega and Page. Either way, we as fans are all winners once again as it is going to be another memorable night!

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