WWE NXT's Karrion Kross Wants to Play Cyber in a Marvel Movie

Karrion Kross has left a trail of opponents in his wake since he made his WWE NXT debut with Scarlett, and next in his sights is Dominik Dijakovic. While he's quite complimentary of Dijakovic's skills in the ring, Kross isn't intimated one bit, and that's a vital trait in a supervillain. That's why when ComicBook.com had the chance to talk to Kross ahead of his big match tonight, we had to ask the Marvel fan if there was a character in the Marvel Universe he would love to play on the big screen. For Kross, it's all about one of Wolverine's deadliest enemies, Cyber, and that combo is a match made in heaven.

"Cyber, from the Wolverine series," Kross said. "Adamantium skin with the claws, Wolverine's actual worse nightmare. Half-human, half-cyborg, half-mutant. It hasn't been done yet, and I would love to play that role in a heartbeat."

"I know it like the back of my hand, and that is a terrifying character that, I think, would be perfect right now for Deadpool or really anyone in the MCU universe. Cyber was an absolute nightmare, " Kross said. "It's a character that you have to be careful what comics or movies you put him in because there's barely anyone that can kill him."

For those unfamiliar, Cyber is also known as Silas Burr, and is most associated with Wolverine. The two share a sordid history, as Cyber killed a woman Logan loved and gravely injured Logan as well (gouging out one of his eyes).

Cyber is as powerful as he is lethal, as his skin is laced with Adamantium, just like Logan's skeleton. Cyber has faced Wolverine many times, and it always seems to cost Logan something to put him down, even temporarily. He's one the hardest to kill villains in the Marvel Universe, so adding him to the MCU would definitely shake things up in a huge way.


We could easily see Kross taking on the role of Cyber, so fingers crossed it happens!

You can catch Kross taking on Dijakovic on tonight's NXT on USA Network at 8 PM EST, and as always you can talk all things WWE and NXT with me on Twitter @MattAguilarCB!

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